Your Will Drives Your Actions

Human actions follow the will of a human mind and soul. The stronger the will to do anything the more justified reason your mind will provide you to pursue that specific thing. It’s important to understand the fact these actions that are at the disposal of a person’s will that is either coming into effect based on a person’s independent desires, wishes, likes, or dislikes or based on some high moral values defined by a higher authority and not by any personal human likes or dislikes.

In either of the cases, the core motive behind any action is a sort of satisfaction that human consciousness is trying to achieve while desperately trying to satisfy its conscious need for gratification.

Achievement senses that the human mind craves for and so life progresses day in and day out leading towards the transformation in its ways. So it’s really important to understand the direction of our pursuit that is being directed towards the accomplishment of our wills for every good reason our mind provides us to feel contented with.

Know your will, analyze your reasons. Humans are not merely social “animals”.

They are part of a bigger plan.